MeterLeader now integrated with 10 utilities & more

Thanks to MeterLeader’s participation in the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, Stanley-Techstars Accelerator, and the USGBC-LA Net Zero Accelerator, since February 2022 we’ve been able to focus 100% on upgrading MeterLeader’s platform and adding new features. And today, we’re excited to announce the launch of these new upgrades!

MeterLeader’s new features include:

  • Integration with 10 utilities (PG&E, LADWP, SCE, SoCalGas, SDG&E, ConEd, BG&E, ComEd, PSE, and FP&L) in 6 states (CA, NY, MD, IL, WA, FL). And more coming soon! (we used to only be connected to 3 utilities)
  • Hourly electric and gas usage data (we used to only have daily data)
  • Hourly carbon emissions data for utilities in CA (we used to calculate CO2 based on an average carbon emission factor multiplied by usage)
  • You can create team challenges (we used to only enable individual challenges)
  • You can add more meters and properties to your account (we used to only enable you to add 1 meter and 1 property per account)
  • New pricing for MeterLeader customers – these include companies, cities, and property management groups
  • New Challenge – Net Zero CO2 Home Energy Challenge – for you to join.
  • And we have a Slack Community we’d love for you to join!

Integration with 10 Utilities in 6 states

MeterLeader now has integrated data with 10 utilities including: in California (PG&E, LADWP, SCE, SoCalGas, SDG&E), in New York (ConEd), in Maryland (BG&E), in Illinois (ComEd), in Washington (PSE), and in Florida (FP&L). This enables us to broaden our reach and enables users from different states to compete with one another.

New Net Zero CO2 Home Energy Challenge

In celebration of October Energy Awareness Month, MeterLeader is challenging residents in California, New York, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, and Florida who are PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, LADWP, SDG&E, ConEd, BG&E, PSE, ComEd, and/or FPL customers to reduce carbon emissions stemming from your home energy use (electricity AND natural gas) from October 1 through December 31, 2022 by at least 10%. Learn more about the Challenge here.

Hourly Electric & Gas Data

For utilities with smart meters, MeterLeader now displays your hourly electricity and natural gas usage data, which means you can pinpoint exactly which hours you use the most energy.

For utilities without smart meters (like LADWP), we will still display hourly data, but it is an average figure derived from your monthly billing period data divided by the number of hours within the billing period.

Hourly Emissions Data for California

For utilities in California, hourly carbon emissions will now be calculated based on CAISO data. And for utilities outside of California, we will continue to apply an average carbon emission factor to usage data.

Create Team Challenges

Groups of people can now form a team to compete against other teams. So if you are creating a challenge for your company you can create challenges that are office vs. office, if you’re a property management group – building vs. building. Or if you are a city – neighborhood vs. neighborhood. The possibilities are endless!

Add More Properties to your Account

Own more than 1 house? No problem. You can now add however many houses you own and connect your utility accounts to each of them.

New Customer Pricing

MeterLeader has new pricing available to customers. Organizations can either pay on a per month basis ($4/user/month) or on an annual basis ($3/user/month). However if you become a MeterLeader pilot partner you will be eligible for a discounted pilot rate of: $2/user/month. Learn more about MeterLeader’s Pilot Partner Opportunity.

Join MeterLeader’s Slack Community

We want to collaborate with you! Join our Slack Channel and tell us and other residents how you are saving energy at home. The more we can share best practices the easier it will be for others to follow suite. Furthermore, we want to hear directly from you as to what new features you’d like to see us build.