Announcing MeterLeader’s Southern California Edison Data Integration

MeterLeader is happy to announce that we’ve now integrated Southern California Edison (SCE) electricity data into our platform. Now PG&E AND SCE customers can create and participate in MeterLeader energy saving challenges. 

MeterLeader leverages the power of real-time energy data feedback and proven social science principles to motivate users to save energy in their homes and buildings by up to 27%. We allow users to easily create and participate in FREE energy saving challenges that are integrated with real-time electricity and natural gas data. We are like a Fitbit challenge, but instead of steps we count kilowatt-hour and therm reductions, as well as the resulting carbon emission reductions.

SCE Customers – Join our Summer Energy Savings Challenge!

Summer Energy Savings Challenge for SCE customers only

If you are an SCE customer and want to be part of a movement to combat climate change or if you simply just want to reduce your utility bills, you are invited to join MeterLeader’s Summer Energy Savings Challenge. The goal of the Summer Energy Savings Challenge is to reduce your home electricity use by at least 15% from July 1 through September 30, 2020. 

The Summer Energy Savings Challenge is FREE to enter. All you have to do is take 2 minutes to connect your SCE account and join the challenge (it may take anywhere from 24-48 hours for you to initially see your data, but once your account is connected it will update daily). Then share the challenge on your social media accounts with friends, family, and co-workers to get others to take the same actions. 

Then starting on July 1st take action to save energy at home. Don’t worry we will help you! Throughout the duration of the challenge we will also be sending you suggested actions you can take to help you save even more electricity. 

The first place top energy saver will win a $100 REI gift card, second place will win a $50 Sancho’s Tacos gift card, and third place will win a $25 Nectar Juice Bar gift card. And if we come together to achieve the collective group goal of 3,000 kWh in electricity savings, then we can all feel good knowing that we’ve saved enough electricity to power an average California home for half a year. Sign up now to join the Summer Energy Savings Challenge today!

Who Creates Energy Saving Challenges? 

Any kind of organization located in PG&E and So Cal Edison territory can create an energy savings challenge for their members to participate in. Whether you are a small environmental organization, a medium sized apartment building, or a large company, you can use MeterLeader to help your employees/members save money on their utility bills, and make measurable carbon emission reductions – all from the comfort of home.

Organizations can use MeterLeader to help achieve their sustainability and climate change goals – at no cost, requiring only minutes to set up and maintain, and no energy expertise needed. MeterLeader is a turnkey platform that incorporates best practices and energy expertise inside the platform. Help solve the planet’s biggest environmental threat, create an energy savings challenge today!