Declare your Independence from Fossil Fuels

July 4th Independence Day is fast approaching. This is a proud moment in US history when we declared independence from England and forged a new identity of America as an independent country that valued life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence was signed over 244 years ago, but the fight for independence is not over, now we must fight for independence from fossil fuels. 

The existential threat of climate change requires that the US and all countries, dramatically reduce carbon emissions within the next 10 years to avoid catastrophic impacts. Given that electricity and heating make up about 1/3 of global carbon emissions, we must remove fossil fuels from the grid as quickly as possible by: 1) Increasing renewable energy on the grid, 2) Reducing our home and building energy consumption through energy efficient equipment and behaviors, 3) Changing what times of day we consume energy, and 4) Electrifying our homes and buildings. 

That sounds like a lot of work….but in fact you as an individual can make a significant contribution toward each of these 4 goals by signing up for our free Fossil Fuel Independence Challenge. Plus you’ll get a chance to win over $100 value in prizes! 

Join the Fossil Fuel Independence Challenge

The Fossil Fuel Independence Challenge measures your real-time PG&E electricity and natural gas usage data. Through a combination of proven social science principles and real-time data feedback, we motivate challenge participants to save energy in their homes and make carbon emission reductions.

Why do we do this? Because climate change requires all hands on deck. We don’t have to wait, we can start taking action now collectively to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change. So walk the talk on climate change and join the Fossil Fuel Independence Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to reduce carbon emissions stemming from your home energy use from July 1 to September 30, 2020. The top energy savers will have a chance to win a $100 REI, a $50 Home Depot, and a $25 Boba Guys gift card. 

To join the Challenge all you have to do is take 2 minutes to sign up for MeterLeader, connect your Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) utility account, and join the challenge. Next, share the challenge on your social media accounts with friends, family, and co-workers in order to collectively make a larger impact. Then starting on July 1st take action to save energy in your home. We will help you do this by sending you bite sized energy saving actions throughout the duration of the challenge. And at the end of the challenge you’ll get a chance to win prizes and feel good seeing the collective and measurable impact of the group. 

Home Energy Use Carbon Footprint 

If you care about climate change, you have to care about energy. Home energy use is typically the second largest carbon source of the average individual’s carbon footprint. It is also one of the easier ones to tackle because energy use is measured and because the alternatives and technology already exist to help you dramatically reduce carbon emissions stemming from home energy use.

Start making a measurable impact to combat climate change. Declare your independence from fossil fuels and join the Fossil Fuel Independence Challenge today!