New Natural Gas Features Promote Electrification

MeterLeader is happy to announce that we’ve integrated natural gas data into our platform. Our updated energy savings challenge format now includes both PG&E electricity AND natural gas data. With the inclusion of PG&E natural gas data, MeterLeader is now a holistic tool that organizations, cities, and utilities, can use to promote electrification and combat climate climate change. 

MeterLeader leverages the power of real-time energy data feedback and proven social science principles to motivate users to save energy in their homes and buildings by up to 27%. We allow users to easily create and participate in free energy saving challenges that are integrated with real-time PG&E electricity and natural gas data. 

New Challenge Page Format

MeterLeader challenge pages now include an expanded leaderboard displaying real-time percent reductions in electricity use (kWh), natural gas use (therms), and total CO2 emissions (pounds). In addition, we are emphasizing our focus on climate change by setting individual and collective challenge goals in relation to pounds of CO2 emission reductions. 

MeterLeader’s new challenge page format
MeterLeader’s My Usage tab now displays therms of natural gas usage along with kWh of electricity usage.

What is Electrification? 

Electrification is a strategy to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs by electrifying end uses historically powered by fossil fuels, so that they are powered primarily by renewable energy sources feeding the electric grid. Electrification is a core feature of many City Climate Action Plans. In fact, the city of San Jose’s Climate Smart Plan has set a goal for 100% of homes to be all electric by 2050. 

Currently, natural gas is the primary heating fuel for nearly half of all homes in the US. While natural gas produces less carbon emissions than coal, it is still a fossil fuel that produces carbon emissions when burned and leaks methane gasas it is transported through pipelines.

Heat Pump technology plays a prominent role in building electrification. In order to move beyond natural gas, we need to replace our space heating and water heating appliances that use natural gas with electric heat pump technology. Heat pumps use electricity to send heat where it’s needed or remove it from where it’s not, much like a refrigerator. Heat pumps can either expel heat from the indoors during the cooling season or capture heat outdoors from the ground or air and draw it indoors in winter, which means that heating and air-conditioning can come from the same equipment.

Promote Electrification in Your Community 

If you are a sustainability leader in a company, environmental group, municipality, non-profit, school, community service group, neighborhood, property management, etc. you can promote electrification and combat climate change by creating an energy savings challenge with MeterLeader. We can help you achieve your sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and/or employee engagement goals. Find out more here and create a free energy savings challenge today!