This Earth Day, Inspire your Community to combat Climate Change with MeterLeader!

This Earth Day Inspire your Community to combat Climate Change

In advance of Earth Day 2020, MeterLeader has upgraded more than just our look. We’ve added 2 new features – “Create A Challenge” and “Energy Saving Activity Modules” – to help our users mobilize their communities to make real carbon emission reductions.

This Earth Day, inspire your community to combat climate change IRL. Create a FREE @MeterLeader energy savings challenge for your community and make REAL carbon emission reductions together.

MeterLeader is a FREE online tool that allows users to easily create and participate in energy saving challenges that are integrated with real-time energy data (currently PG&E electricity data). We motivate users to save energy in their homes by leveraging proven social science principles shown to achieve up to 27% in energy savings. Saving energy results in reduced carbon emissions, lower utility bills, and decreased air pollution – it’s a win-win for everyone! 

Energy saving challenges are the perfect Earth Day activity to do with your team. It’s fun, requires little time to set up and maintain, and results in REAL carbon emission reductions. Don’t waste your time with wishful pledges, unaccountable self-reported data, or inaccurate estimates. Take the lead and create a FREE energy savings challenge for your company, environmental group, neighborhood, book club, family, non-profit etc. 

Create A FREE Energy Savings Challenge in Minutes!

With our new Create A Challenge feature you can create your own customizable energy savings challenge within the MeterLeader platform. It’s very similar to how you would go about creating an Eventbrite or GoFundMe campaign. It takes minutes to set up, and you don’t need any energy expertise to do it. We’ve taken care of all that for you! 

Create A Challenge with MeterLeader

To create a challenge all you need to do is take the following actions: 

  1. Name your Challenge – Come up with a fun and distinctive name
  2. Choose a Banner Image – Use an image that appeals to your audience
  3. Create a Challenge Description – Summarize the goals of the challenge and explain why you are putting on the challenge.
  4. Set the Challenge Duration – We recommend setting the challenge to be at least 2-3 months since it takes time for people to change their habits and make energy efficient home upgrades. We also recommend launching the challenge page at least 4 weeks in advance of the start date so that participants have enough time to sign up and prepare.
  5. Set an Individual Savings Goal – We recommend challenging individual challenge participants to achieve between a 1-7% reduction in electricity use.
  6. Set a Collective Savings Goal – Use our recommended equation to create a realistic group kilowatt-hour energy savings goal based on the expected number of participants and challenge duration. 
  7. Put up a Challenge Prize – We recommend putting up some kind of prize to award the top energy saving participants at the end of a challenge. Prizes don’t have to have any monetary value. They can be as simple as just being recognized.  
  8. Tell us about the Challenge Organizer – Tell us about the organization or individual sponsoring the challenge and upload an Organizer image. 

Who Creates Energy Savings Challenges?

Anyone can create an energy savings challenge! But we believe that established groups of people can more effectively mobilize their members to save energy. This is why ideal energy saving challenge organizers include: Companies and Green Teams, Environmental Groups, Neighborhoods, Community Service Clubs, Property Management Groups, and Schools.

Organizations small and large alike can create an energy savings challenge for their members to participate in. By creating a challenge you are giving your members the opportunity to combat climate change, save money on their utility bills, and engage with other members of their community. Participants will feel good knowing they are actually making a real difference. 

Improved Learning Experience

Another new feature we’ve added is our “Energy Saving Activity Modules”. These are 12 energy saving activities that are sent weekly via email to all challenge participants during a challenge. These 12 energy saving activity modules are specially designed to take the confusing topic of energy and break it down into bite sized activities that participants can complete in order to save energy in their homes. 

Energy Saving Activity Module

Each energy saving activity module covers a different topic related to energy use within the home including: Lighting, Appliances, Electronics, Heating & Cooling, and Water Heating. Each module takes under 3 minutes to read and includes relevant background information and facts related to that specific energy end use, an activity to reduce energy consumption, and additional links if you want to read more details about that topic. The Energy Saving Activity Modules are designed to teach participants how to save energy in a fun, easy, and approachable way. 

Are You a Leader within your Company and/or Community?

If you are a leader in a company, environmental group, municipality, non-profit, school, community service group, neighborhood, property management, social media influencer, or sustainability champion create an energy savings challenge with MeterLeader. We can help you achieve your sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and/or employee engagement goals.