MeterLeader – A New Way to Save Energy

What happens when you combine real electricity data, some fun competition, and people who care about climate change, reducing utility bills, energy independence, reducing air pollution, or all of the above? 

You get MeterLeader! Along with a radical change in how we consume energy. 

What is MeterLeader? 

Up to 30% of energy used in homes and buildings is wasted due to inefficient equipment and behaviors. This energy waste results in increased utility bills, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution. MeterLeader aims to combat this. 

MeterLeader leverages the power of real electricity data and community to motivate and mobilize collective action to save energy in homes and buildings. We empower  people to create and participate in energy saving challenges that are integrated with real-time electricity data.

Have you ever used crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter? MeterLeader is a similar concept. But instead of donating money to a cause, everyone chips in to save energy in their home or building. During energy challenges, participants achieve collective energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. And participants can win prizes too! 

MeterLeader’s mission is to empower individuals and communities to come together to save energy and collectively make a positive large-scale impact on the environment.

MeterLeader’s mission is to empower individuals and communities to come together to save energy and collectively make a positive large-scale impact on the environment.

How It Works

Participating in a MeterLeader challenge is easy! All you need to do is: 

  1. Sync Your Utility Account.
  2. Join a Challenge, and then invite your friends and family to join on social media.
  3. Then Start Saving Energy!

Don’t worry, we will share tips and tricks you need to save energy throughout the event. And at the end of the challenge, the top energy savers will have a chance to win prizes. And even if you don’t win a prize, you will have saved money on your utility bills. Plus you’ll feel good about the group’s collective energy impact!

The Science Behind MeterLeader

MeterLeader Challenges are especially designed to motivate and mobilize collective community action to save energy. Our challenge pages allow you to view your real-time energy savings in comparison to others and view the collective impact of each individual participant’s energy savings contributions.

We put a lot of thought into how we designed MeterLeader. Why? Because we want to do our best to empower people through our platform. Behavioral science has revealed that we are not purely rational beings and we often don’t have access to the perfect information which we need maximize our well being. Even though engaging in energy efficient behaviors and investing in energy efficient equipment often comes as a monetary benefit to us in the form of reduced utility bills, people are often not motivated enough to take action. 

Behavioral science has proven that social norms and real-time data feedback are effective ways to inspire and motivate taking action to save energy. Social norms are the unwritten rules of society that make up what’s seen as normal, acceptable, respectful behavior. 

Studies have shown that normative comparisons of your energy use as compared to your peers can yield 1.2 – 2.2% in electricity savings. Likewise merely seeing your energy use data and receiving real-time feedback can yield 1 – 15% energy savings for electricity. Now that’s powerful!

It’s Time to Get Involved

When you join a MeterLeader Challenge you are doing more than just saving energy, saving money, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You are inspiring others to do the same by demonstrating that these actions are possible.

So join one of our Challenges today, and invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join in too!

Are You a Community Leader?

If you are you a leader in a company, municipality, non-profit, school, community service group, neighborhood, property management, social media influencer, or sustainability champion contact us about creating your own customizable challenge by emailing We can help you achieve your sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and/or employee engagement goals. 

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